Voldemorticia (easy_peasy_24) wrote in actorsplayhouse,

Teen NYC acting class help?

This message has been xposted about a billion times (so, so, sorry!), so I'm putting the back-story behind an lj-cut. Thank you so much, in advance, for your help!

So I don't need to go on about how I really want, no, need to act, and given that I'm 14 years old it's not hard to see that I'm just starting out. Here's where I am right now: my friend Rachel and I will likely be taking classes at HB Studio in the spring, and in the summer I hope to take classes at Stella Adler.

Now, I know Stella Adler and HB Studio are reputable and trustworthy (I didn't say recommended, I said reputable and trustworthy), but now I've heard of this third place called Broadway Artists Alliance and after looking at their website, well, I'm really interested. They even offer private coaching, which would be great for me!

So. Is BAA reputable and trustworthy or a scam? Which places do you recommend for or against, and why? Do you think I could persuade my mom to let me do something with all three organizations and, if not, what do you think my game plan should be?
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