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Okay, I'm in a bit of a pickle and I need some input.

...I have an audition coming up at my theatre school this september. It's the standard "two contrasting monologues, blah blah blah." ANYWAYS, I thought I would do a piece from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Helena - that would be the classical one.)

But...I'm having trouble with the Contemporary one I picked. See, I always thought that "Contemporary" meant "anything written within the last century," although that could probably be argued.

I picked a piece from a play called "Saint Joan" by Bernard Shaw, and although it was written in 1924, it takes place in the 1400's.

...Would that be okay? Is 1924 "contemporary" enough, or should I try to find something a little more recent? "Saint Joan" is a pretty good play, and I really think that I could play the character. Any input/comments would be greatly appreciated.

(PS - Please keep in mind that I live in a very tiny community with very little resources, so trying to find more "recent" stuff would be extremely difficult. Thanks in advance!)
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