V. Kipp (oldtunes) wrote in actorsplayhouse,
V. Kipp


I joined this group with hopes that I could receive some tips on a few things. I'm basically an actor with no real training. I have learned a bit from my high school theatre class, but most of what I have learned about acting comes from instructional books. Some of the books were too advanced for me, but I tried to understand them. I've read so much, it feels like I've forgotten everything and I'm beginning to feel confused.
I'd really appreciate it if some fellow actors could give me some tips.
I'm getting a jump start on the monologue I'll have to perform in my theatre class. I'm just not sure 'how' I should play this character (there are so many different ways I have envisioned her). I get a good idea of how she is, I rehearse it that way and the next time I rehearse it, she gives off a different vibe and I begin to think that I like that idea better. The character usually comes out as how I am feeling at that moment. I become confused about what the real objective is because it always seems to change. I actually didn't have this problem before I began reading books on acting, emotions came naturally. It's almost as if part of my ability has become crippled?  So, my questions are -- am I training myself wrong? and how should I go about building this character?
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