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*Baby Girl*


Hello, everyone! I have a question! My friends and I are reviving our theatre group (contrary to a previous post of mine that said we were starting our own!), and we are struggling with what our first production should be. We want to do a musical (historically, our group has done very few non-musicals, but we could consider them!).

Our first thought was "The Wizard of Oz", an old standby of ours, we have each done that show many times, often with each other, so it would be an easy one to pick up quickly. Plus, it's very recognizable and can draw in a crowd. However, we are a bit limited with resources, so getting enough people to fill out the chorus, costumes, set, etc. would be a bit of a stretch.

Our second thought was "Snoopy!", a show we've done before, and fairly well. Smaller cast, and we have enough people in our core group of actors to fill out the roles. However, it's not nearly as recognizable and never brought us in a very good crowd.

We need our first show to be simple enough that we can perform it with our limited resources, but big enough that it draws a crowd and can make us some money. As it is our first show, we want to really be able to wow the audience and make them really want to come back for more. We are looking for something BETWEEN Wizard and Snoopy.

Any ideas???
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