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Two casting calls for theatre projects (Devon, UK) 
05:11pm 04/02/2011
  Sadly, shows arent paid, but as you will see there are other perks. We are an award winning, non-profit community theatre company specialising in shows with a historical theme, based in South West England. If you are interested in either show, you can message me here on Livejournal (I am the secretary for the group), or visit our website and facebook links. People need to be locally based to the shows, so think the South of Devon. 
If you will be on holiday in the area though, and would like to join in, as these are fast-turn-around shows, you are still totally welcome to get involved!

Feel free to share the information, but please include ALL the information if you do. :)
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02:35pm 29/10/2010
  CASTING CALL (Torbay, England) with award winning community theatre company.

Show:  The Barbary Pirates
Group: The South Devon Players (website    Facebook group)

Performances between April and August 2011 in the South Devon area. Including national theatre competition entry.

Performers required
We are looking for RELIABLE male and female performers to play pirates, convicts and bellydancers. You need to be aged 16 -116, live locally to be able to attend weekly rehearsals and workshops (Wednesdays 7.30 - 9pm) in Brixham. Free training in bellydance and/or stage combat included. Experience not required, but enthusiasm, regular attendance and effort are a must. Re-casting several roles due to timewasters. The project isnt paid but lots of free dance and combat training, with photographs, and references upon request, for future drama/ theatre studies all provided upon succesful completion of the "run".

About show...
Based on historical accounts, this story is of a group of Devon fisher-folk taken prisoner by a fleet of Barbary Corsairs, and their subsequent adventures.
Rehearsals are currently underway, applicants will be asked to join us at rehearsal and workshops for an evening, and if successful to attend from there on.

To be considered
You can contact me directly here, or through the website or facebook group as listed above.
04:07pm 16/09/2010
  Full open auditions for the show The Barbary Pirates.

A lively, family friendly show, based on true stories. In the 17th and 18th Centuries, the Barbary Pirates raided all along the Devon and Cornwall cost, and even, for a while, had a base on Lundy Island. The raids became so severe that one year, the Brixham fishing fleet refused to put to sea at all, for fear of the pirates. The main interest of the Barbary pirates was in taking people as slaves, and in some cases, those people later bought thier freedom and turned to piracy themselves.

Auditions at: 

Brixham Royal British Legion Club
(Function room)
Bakers Hill

Saturday October 2nd, 2010 at 1.30pm.
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You can find out more about our group at our main website: http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com

and you can also follow us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=46022922794&ref=ts for all our latest news. 
05:14pm 18/08/2010
Upcoming theatre events in Exeter and Torbay

Non-profit community theatre group in the Southwest of England


More about our group: 
Main website, our Facebook, Twitter, sdp_theatre  Myspace
Looking to form a crew of actors NYC 
11:49pm 13/11/2008
  Any suggestions?
Baron / Brown studio? 
01:00pm 13/04/2007
  Hello there,

I'm a college student who's currently researching acting programs. Does anybody know if the courses at the Baron/Brown Studio in Santa Monica are any good?

I've heard two interviews with Joanne Baron and pretty much agreed with her take on acting and training (based on Meisner), but... has anybody gone there and knows what the courses are actually like? How the place looks etc.?


PS: Oh, and my favorite play is "Long Day's Journey Into Night". Original, I know.

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desperately need help! 
12:36am 11/04/2007
  I need to know where I can find the musical arrangements from the Broadway musical - Urinetown, specifically for the song Snuff the Girl.  I need it in my hot little hands by the end of the day Wednesday.  can anyone direct on how I might find that?  I am DESPERATE!!

Thank you.
03:29pm 11/12/2006
  Hey everyone,

I'm new to this community, and am always looking for new people to chat with and help with their careers.

With that being said, I wanted to introduce you all to a new website, called Nextcat.com

I hope this is OK to post here, and if not, I apologize! Just trying to help everyone out and give them a bit of advice!

Nextcat is THE new place serving entertainment industry pros for networking and seeking/offering work. It's absolutely FREE to join (and we all love free things, right?!) and welcomes all actors, actresses, models, photographers - even authors and artists to their constantly growing network of professionals. I included the press release behind the cut for everyone to check out. It's really a great site, and you can upload tons of photos, movie shorts, a resume, and more. Check it out for yourselves. Let's hear what everyone thinks!

Also, here is the direct link to the site: www.nextcat.com

Teen NYC acting class help? 
04:38pm 08/12/2006
  This message has been xposted about a billion times (so, so, sorry!), so I'm putting the back-story behind an lj-cut. Thank you so much, in advance, for your help!

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So. Is BAA reputable and trustworthy or a scam? Which places do you recommend for or against, and why? Do you think I could persuade my mom to let me do something with all three organizations and, if not, what do you think my game plan should be?
12:05am 15/11/2006
  Hello, I the playhouse's director from Russia. The psychological theatre is interesting to me. It Chekhov, Vampilov, Williams, Priestley and so on. I work on Stanislavsky system. I teach in the higher school actor's skill. I want to exchange experience with colleagues from the USA.  
Some help, if you would. Please? 
08:43pm 15/10/2006

I'm looking for a one-act play to direct, and I'm having a really hard time. If anyone has some suggestions, that would be awesome.

This is what I'm looking for:

~A drama; something on the darkside or absurd
~something with room for interpretation
~something stylistic

Things to keep in mind:

~Is being performed by a highschool (and all the restrictions that implies)
~Bonus for any scripts with a strong female lead

So I know that's a lot to ask for, but if you know of anything that fits any part of the description, please let me know.

Thank You.


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08:58pm 28/09/2006
mood: cheerful

Hello to everyone!  I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m new to LJ!  My name is Kat and I'm an actress currently living in Los Angeles.  I'm working on collecting all of my SAG vouchers (1 down, 2 to go!) and will be joining AFTRA within the next couple of days.  In the meantime, I'm working in lots of small, indepedent movies and student films to pump up my resume and get experience.  What's everyone else up to/working on?

10:52am 16/08/2006
mood: happy
I'm new to Livejournal and just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I've been looking up acting and modeling communities and introducing myself to everyone. Sorry if some of you bump into me a lot in some of these communities. I've never done anything like this before so I'm learning as I go.

I've mostly done a lot of modeling in my career. I've done stuff for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Abercrombie and Fitch, but I've always wanted to be an actor. Recently I sort of 'broke through' and I got cast in a guest starring role on "Surface" on NBC. I'm currently acting in a program that's going to be on Lifetime Movie Network and Lifetimetv.com in the Fall called "Inspector Mom".

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and maybe meet some other people interested in the same things. So hello!
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03:42am 08/08/2006
  I joined this group with hopes that I could receive some tips on a few things. I'm basically an actor with no real training. I have learned a bit from my high school theatre class, but most of what I have learned about acting comes from instructional books. Some of the books were too advanced for me, but I tried to understand them. I've read so much, it feels like I've forgotten everything and I'm beginning to feel confused.
I'd really appreciate it if some fellow actors could give me some tips.
I'm getting a jump start on the monologue I'll have to perform in my theatre class. I'm just not sure 'how' I should play this character (there are so many different ways I have envisioned her). I get a good idea of how she is, I rehearse it that way and the next time I rehearse it, she gives off a different vibe and I begin to think that I like that idea better. The character usually comes out as how I am feeling at that moment. I become confused about what the real objective is because it always seems to change. I actually didn't have this problem before I began reading books on acting, emotions came naturally. It's almost as if part of my ability has become crippled?  So, my questions are -- am I training myself wrong? and how should I go about building this character?
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06:42pm 31/07/2006
mood: stressed
Okay, I'm in a bit of a pickle and I need some input.

...I have an audition coming up at my theatre school this september. It's the standard "two contrasting monologues, blah blah blah." ANYWAYS, I thought I would do a piece from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Helena - that would be the classical one.)

But...I'm having trouble with the Contemporary one I picked. See, I always thought that "Contemporary" meant "anything written within the last century," although that could probably be argued.

I picked a piece from a play called "Saint Joan" by Bernard Shaw, and although it was written in 1924, it takes place in the 1400's.

...Would that be okay? Is 1924 "contemporary" enough, or should I try to find something a little more recent? "Saint Joan" is a pretty good play, and I really think that I could play the character. Any input/comments would be greatly appreciated.

(PS - Please keep in mind that I live in a very tiny community with very little resources, so trying to find more "recent" stuff would be extremely difficult. Thanks in advance!)
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01:11pm 29/07/2006
  Hello, everyone! I have a question! My friends and I are reviving our theatre group (contrary to a previous post of mine that said we were starting our own!), and we are struggling with what our first production should be. We want to do a musical (historically, our group has done very few non-musicals, but we could consider them!).

Our first thought was "The Wizard of Oz", an old standby of ours, we have each done that show many times, often with each other, so it would be an easy one to pick up quickly. Plus, it's very recognizable and can draw in a crowd. However, we are a bit limited with resources, so getting enough people to fill out the chorus, costumes, set, etc. would be a bit of a stretch.

Our second thought was "Snoopy!", a show we've done before, and fairly well. Smaller cast, and we have enough people in our core group of actors to fill out the roles. However, it's not nearly as recognizable and never brought us in a very good crowd.

We need our first show to be simple enough that we can perform it with our limited resources, but big enough that it draws a crowd and can make us some money. As it is our first show, we want to really be able to wow the audience and make them really want to come back for more. We are looking for something BETWEEN Wizard and Snoopy.

Any ideas???
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03:14pm 23/07/2006
  Dropping by to say hello!  
First post 
12:39pm 19/07/2006
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hello children!
Well my dream is to be on Broadway for musical theatre. I love to dance, sing and act (given, i suppose). I think this community is a good idea and i would love to chat with other actors about their shows and such.

I've been in several church plays as well as others. I've been in Aladdin as a chorus member, Honk! as the cat and recently Once Upon a Mattress as Winnifred. I've been doing ballet since i was 4 (I'm now ALMOST 16...one month). I also sing in concerts and such.

Currently I'm in a EmmaWilllard Girlsummer performance art summer camp. It's very fun.

I really enjoy theatre and acting, and i encourage all of you to follow you're dreams, as i hope to follow mine.

Good luck everyone!
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first entry w00t ;D 
10:33pm 11/07/2006
mood: sleepy
hi everyone,

i just joined about....two seconds ago so i thought i would write a quick hello. i'll be going into my second year of theatre school in newfoundland this fall. umm...yeah. that's pretty much all i wanted to say right now. :)
03:33pm 20/06/2006
  I am at the International Thespian Festival in Nebraska right now, and it is amazing!! Is anyone else there, or have been there? I have seen some amazing monologues performed and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I'm not sure about the characters name or anything but if anyone has any monologues [male or female.] from the following plays could you please e-mail me? My email is pinktux2thepromx@yahoo.com or links would be fine.

The plays are: ((the ones in bold are my top priority ones))
+Waking of Janie Foster
+Death by Chocolate
+Dead Eye Boy
+Death of Frank
+Hurly Burly
+Chocolate Sanity
+Fat Temple
+History of America (I think thats what its called... it has the monologue where the guy talks about the post it note on the fridge of America that says Hey America! Remember to rewind your blockbuster tapes!)

ALSO- there was this monologue I LOVED but I didn't catch the name of the play. The monologue was a guy talking about how his roommate or someone ate the last can of the Chunky Turkey Soup and was freaking out about it saying how he has all sorts of kinds of soups but the tukey is his favorite and whatnot.....

Chances are I'll have a list of more soon. I appreciate -any- help you could give me with finding monologues from these. Thanks in advance! And Happy Thespian Week!